These are common errors you may receive while processing transactions/activations in backend. 

Error: Plan not found for combination.


The device you're trying to activate is not compatible with the plan you're trying to activate it on.

For example, for smartphone plans, the device should be a smartphone (not a hotspot or tablet device). If you think you received this error and it's not valid please open a (internal) ticket.

Error: Temporary monetary failure. Please try your activation again later.


This error occurs when the parent carrier or the billing system providers billing system is down. The key word in this error is "temporary". There is nothing we can do about this error except wait until their billing system is back up.

Error: The replenishment failed


Same as Temporary Monetary failure above.

Error: Module Error: The name on the previous account must be provided as account_name.


This error can happen for a few reasons:

  • Be sure customer name does not have any special characters (Ex: apostrophes)
  • Be Sure there are no extra spaces in customer name
  • Ensure there are no numbers in customer name.