Your hotspot comes preconfigured with the access point name (APN) for your network service provider. Your hotspot checks the APN to determine the type of network connection to establish.

If you’re unable to connect to the hotspot and you receive an error message, you must add a new APN to your hotspot.

To add an APN for another network:

Launch a web browser from a computer or Wi-Fi device that is connected to the network.

Enter http://attwifimanager or

A login screen displays.

Enter the password in the Sign In field.

The default password is attadmin. The password is case-sensitive.

Select Settings > MOBILE BROADBAND > APN.

Click the ADD button.

Enter a name for the APN.

Enter the APN.

If you do not know the APN, contact your service provider.

Select a network authentication mode:

• None (default) (Select for Tesix)



Enter a user name and password if the wireless network requires these fields.

Click the Save button.

The new APN is added.