Your Device is Locked if:

  • You are leasing your device and have not paid it off
  • You are under contract with a major carrier
  • You purchased your device directly from a PREPAID carrier and has not had the phone over 12-15 months.
  • The device is blacklisted

Did you Know:

When you purchase a mobile phone directly from any prepaid carrier, they will require that you have your device 12-15 months before you are able to use that device with another carrier.

How can I check this?

  • Simply call your current carrier and check the device unlock eligibility status 
  • or if you have a Tesix Sim or a sim from another carrier, place that sim into device in question and see if sim is compatible with that device.

If it takes the sim, the device is not locked. If it states "Invalid Sim" the device is locked.