If you are suddenly experiencing no data on your mobile device, there could be 1 or 3 reasons for this happening:

RUP Violation (Reason Usage Policy):

In recent light, Tesix has had to make some changes to its usage policy due to users generating a damaging amount of data usage on the network (per cycle). With these changes, Tesix is no longer a uncapped carrier and has now limited data usage to 50GB for Truly Unlimited Plan and 80GB for Personal Hotspot and Ultimate Unlimited Plan.

If you exceed the amount of data usage during your billing cycle, you may experience a suspension on your data services. In order to restore your data, you will have to await your next replenishment (bill pay) to restart your data cycle and have internet access. (Early bill pay will not restart data)

Another case of RUP Violation is using Hotspot or tethering data on the improper plan. If you are on the Truly Unlimited Plan and you are using hotspot, you will be in RUP violation and may face data suspension or a change in your plan without notice.

Account in Non-Pay: 

If your bill is due, you may notice your features are being disconnected slowly. You may first lose your ability to use cellular data followed by talking and texting abilities. You will be able to log into your MyAccount and check your billing cycle to resolve this.

Service Area Interruption:

At times, a certain area or location may lose connection and cause you to lose cellular data. Tesix can not predict coverage inside of buildings, houses, complexes, within cars or other establishments. If your data is down suddenly in certain areas, it could simply be a area coverage issue; these issues resolve themselves when you move from place to place.