• Spoken feedback The TalkBack function allows the user to interact with their device using touch and spoken feedback. The TalkBack tool describes each user action and provides spoken alerts and notifications.
  • Select to speak Select to Speak limits the spoken feedback function to only user-selected items on the screen, reading or describing them aloud.
  • Switch access For users with limited mobility, Switch Access provides an alternative to the touchscreen. This enables the user to instead use a switch, keyboard, or mouse.
  • Voice commands If using a touchscreen is difficult, the Voice Access app allows users to control their device using spoken commands. This feature can be used to open apps, navigate, and edit texts hands free. Voice Access is currently only available as a beta release in English only.


Android devices also contain several settings people can use to make their screen easier to see:

  • Display size and font size These settings allow users to change the size that items are displayed on screen as well as the font size.
  • Magnification gestures Allows temporary zooming or magnification of the screen.
  • Contrast and color options This can be useful for people who are color-blind or have partial visual impairment to improve the legibility of text through inverting colors, or applying color correction.
  • Captions Users can turn on captions for their device as well as specify the language used and make style adjustments to the captions.

All accessibility features available to you can be found by opening your device settings and selecting Accessibility.