This could happen for a few reasons:

  • You have made an international call outside of our coverage zone and has accumulated an overage fee. Our international calling coverage zones are Mexico & Canada only. If this happens, simply add a "Power Pack"to your account equaling your overage amount.


  • You are using data only on our talk and text plan in which is considered "Data Abuse". If this happens, you will simply need to change your plan to our "Data Only Plan".


  • You have activated a Locked or Leased device and your previous carrier has retracted your device activation. A Locked device is a device that is under contract or lease with another carrier. When a device is locked it could simply mean you have not met the financial obligations of your contract with another carrier or your device is made for a certain carrier only.


How do I resolved my account suspension?

If line is suspended from "Data Abuse" then you will need to "replenish" your account to our Data Only Plan or open a ticket on your MyAccount and have your plan changed and restored.

If your account is suspended because it is locked, you will need to purchase another device and SIM card before you are able to reactivate your device.