Refunds / Exchanges

You may request a refund for your Tesix Wireless Sim Kits or purchased device if the kit and/or device has not been Damaged, Opened, Punch out of Card or Activated within 7 days. If the Sim Kit or device has any visible damages, has been activated or is not returned in the same manner it was originally sent; a refund or exchange will not be approved.

To request a refund or exchange for your Sim Kit or device please email our support team at and await confirmation. Upon requesting your refund and sending Sim Kit or device back to Tesix Wireless, your refund will be issued in 2-3 days after receiving your items back. If you are requesting an exchange, we must receive your exchanging sim or device before a new one is shipped.

Once you have activated your Sim on the Tesix Wireless network no refunds or exchanges are available for Sim returns or refunds on services. This also applies to devices that are later found to be locked to another carrier, under contract or under activation lock; refunds on sims or services are not permitted.

When returning or exchanging an item, we recommend you getting a tracking on returns. We are not responsible for lost Sim Kits or devices in mail or transit and will not be responsible for refunding any money if we do not receive items back.

All Netgear or Hotspot devices must be returned within 7 days for a full refund on device only. Service refunds on the Hotspot Plan are not eligible for refunds for any reason.